New York Live Music First opened in Soi Bangla since 2011, or about 13 years ago, as a place to listen to music for foreign tourists. And later, the business was expanded and developed to provide services in terms of various facilities. even music which has always been considered the main importance of the store

Until now,New York Live Music and Optimum Club It is one of the most popular entertainment venues in Phuket. Located in the middle of Soi Bangla. World famous walking street

              Today New York Live Music It’s like a living room. To have the opportunity to welcome tourists, drinkers, and dancers from all over the world. leisure Or travel around Phuket with live music that is fun to entertain customers of all levels. excellently Importantly, every song that was performed on that stage It’s a hit song on the charts. every music listener that is easily accessible.

             New York Live Music Bar and Optimum Club is therefore a destination for tourists who have the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife in Patong, Phuket with a sound and light system that is one of a kind, modern, interesting, soft to the ear, melodious and inviting to listen to. This is the only place you come. Phuket Whether you’re in Patong or Phuket, you mustn’t miss it. Come see us….only one place. A place that is second to none and you will remember the atmosphere of a happy night. A fun evening And will think back to…New York Live Music